Rambhau Pujari

A scholar par excellence, an academician and social worker, Ayurved Ratna Rambhau Pujari, a Civil Engineer by profession. Dr. Rambhau Pujari completed his doctoral degree in Ayurveda with a Gold medal from Benaras Hindu University at the age of 16 years, a rare achievement then. An authority in Vedic Science.

Dr. Rambhau Pujari collected and preserved over 2500 ancient books and over 5000 handwritten letters that were crucial in establishing the glory of ancient Indian Sciences & Technology. He edited & composed a book ‘Pride of India’, that included articles from 14 various branches of ancient & modern sciences. He worked closely with Gau Anusandhan & Archaeology.

He was a guide among doctors fraternity of Nagpur. It was Lt. Dr. Rambhau Pujari’s dream to establish young and healthy India and under his guidance, VSK Herbals has come up with this herbal formulation for the physiological and psychological health of people of all ages of the world.