About us

For all your possible lifeStyles and diets, we bring you the perfect nutritional supplements. The globally accepted goodness of spirulina, with the combination of the most crucial herbs, provides everything essential to the human body, with the added benefit of improving the effectiveness of your diet.

VSK Herbals Pvt. Ltd. was established in Feb 2017.  Under the guidance of Late. Dr. Rambhau Pujari, our research team prepared the formulation to revive the lost bio-absorbability in the people who have an improper diet in this fast-paced world.

VSK Herbals has also created a proven solution for malnutrition which has been a critical issue in India and has not been found an answer to till date. The results of Our Product Impro-V1 have been exemplary in combating under-and-malnourishment.

We aim to provide the best nutrition for every age and guarantee results of overall health development. Every product we introduce is safe, purely herbal and improves the state of health of every customer.

VSK Herbals Pvt. Ltd. was established to create and promote the concept of Ideal Health across every age. Health is understood in different ways today.

We follow the one that is the perfect combination of Ancient literature and Modern Science.
World Health Organisation (WHO) is the prime institution in maintaining world health. With such a huge responsibility and high-end functioning, the most crucial and basic issue to abide by would be the standard and accepted definition of health. WHO defines health as –

“Health is a state of complete Physical, Mental and Social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

The origin of this accepted definition is one of historical significance. It was proposed by Vaidya TrikamJi to the WHO at its initiation stages and has been accepted globally since. This particular definition it the translated form the one written in The Sushruta Samhita by Sushruta in 700 BC.
This Samhita defines health as –

sama dosha sama agnishcha samadhatu mala kriyaaha|
Prasanna atma mana indriyaha swastha iti abhidheeyate

Which means Health is a state where in the tridosha, Digestive fire and all the body tissues and components, all the physiological processes are in perfect unison and the soul, the sense organs and the mind are in a state of total satisfaction (prassanna) and content.

Also, as proposed by Charaka in Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana :

samamāṃsapramāṇastu samasaṃhanano naraḥ|
dṛḍhendriyo vikārāṇāṃ na balenābhibhūyate|
kṣutpipāsātapasahaḥ śītavyāyāmasaṃsahaḥ|
samapaktā samajaraḥ samamāṃsacayo mataḥ

– Meaning –
Sama Mamsa pramana
– proportionate musculature
Sama Samhana – compactness of the body
Druda indriya – strong sensory and motor
vikaranam na balenabhibhuyate – Cannot be overcome by the onslaught of diseases
Kshut Pipasa Atapa Saha – Ability to stand hunger, thirst, the heat of the sun,
Sheeta Vyayama Samsaha – Ability to stand cold and physical exercises.
Samapakta, Samajara – Ability to digest and assimilate food easily,
Sama Mamsa Upachaya – good muscular body.

This rich content on Health and Human Well Being has been residing with Indian Texts for 2 millennia. VSK Herbals brings Health Supplements based on these, mixed with the present-day advanced studies, to you for YOUR Healthy well-being.

Our Motivation

To Provide Best Nutrition to Students: To Provide Perfect Supplement to Adults:To Beat Malnutrition:

In the present day scenario, hectic schedules and irregular eating habits has led to alarming levels of undernourishment among students, both rural and urban. This issue is aggravated by the quality of food and the widespread preference for packaged or fast food by kids.
The lack of proper nutrition leads to slowing of both physical as well as mental health among them. It also leads to a lowering of immunity, lower stamina, and poor strength.

In such a time we understood the need for a Fast, small, highly nutritious and perfect nutritional supplement or superFood. We have developed the right formulation for this very requirement.


Adults, above 30 years of age, need nutrition to maintain health and prevent problems that arise due to reduced performance of body function. Sugar level related issues, obesity, stress issues, arthritic issues, muscle weakening, and joint pains are the major issues that concern this age group. The risk of Cancer due to insufficient antioxidant consumption is also high.

In such a scenario, Impro-V2 works on all these fronts to maintain overall health and prevent such health issues.

The recent report on the Global Hunger Index has proven the fact that India needs to take a powerful step to curb undernourishment, especially of its poorer sections. With the existing schemes like Midday Meal Scheme, huge funds into Tribal development through Anganwadis and Ashram shalas, the scene should have been better. But, the reports say otherwise.

From our observation, the lack of expected results is not due to any issues with the quality of nutrition or the execution of the schemes. It is primarily due to one particular reason. The drastic reduction in the nutrient absorption capacity of the body, which is caused by prolonged undernourishment, sometimes of generations. In such a scenario, we understood the need of a Food that has all the required nutrients, high protein, the nutrients from which get absorbed easily and the ability to improve nutrient absorption from other food. This understanding led to the unique formulation of Impro-V1.